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4-6 March 2016 · Under 18's & Students · Manchester, England

The epic student hackathon in Manchester
& we're making it more accessible than ever.


StudentHack is the student hackathon based in Manchester. Students come together and team up to create cool things they care about.

Turns out we're also ran by students, too.

Started in 2012, StudentHack is one of the longest running student hackathons in the UK based out of Manchester Met University. Since then, we've joined GreatUniHack to deliver one epic Manchester hackathon.

And this year, we're making StudentHack IV more accessible than it's ever been. It's going to be a fantastic, inclusive environment that students can use to build cool stuff. It's going to be amazing.

StudentHack IV

StudentHack IV is back on 4-6 March 2016. With the same level of epicness you've come to expect from StudentHack.

We start at 5pm on Friday and runs overnight through to Sunday at 5pm.

We will be running a science-fair with the top 10 teams presenting in front of everyone. Judges will pick the top 3 hacks and sponsors will also award prizes for their own challenges.

We'll provide meals, swag and just about everything else. We'll see you there!

Visit the tickets section for info on how to get your free ticket for StudentHack IV.

Videos from our past hackathons

Hacks previously built at StudentHack


Tickets for StudentHack IV are currently open to students and under 18's.

Get your free ticket here.

We're arranging return coaches to schools who have at least 40 people attending and requiring return transport to Manchester.

Alternatively, if you would still really like to attend, we have a limited amount of scholarships available for those who really need them.

Have any questions? Drop us a line.

Tickets FAQ

Are tickets free?

Yes. They are 100% free!

Who can get a ticket?

Enrolled students or students who graduated in the last 12 months.

What if I study outside the UK?

You are still eligible. If you are outside Europe, you may need to apply for a visa. We can't sponsor visas.

I am under 18. Can I get a ticket?

Absolutely! If you are over 14 years old you can get a ticket. Once you do, fill in the forms below and bring them with you on the day:


I haven't coded much. Should I come?

Hackathons are for beginners. Networking with and seeing awesome hackers in action will expose you to a tremendous amount of knowledge. Amazing suit of industry experts and mentors that are happy to assist you!

What should I bring?

Bring your laptop, phone and chargers. Other things to consider: spare clothes, adapters, hardware and a sleeping bag, oh and don't forget your enthusiasm! We are going to provide you with all food, swag, sleeping rooms and drinks you will need to keep you going.

I don't have a team. Help?

Don't let that discourage you ― it is actually part of the fun! You will have 3 new friends by the end of the weekend. A team building session will be organized to help you form teams. We encourage everyone to use Devpost to find teammates.

What can I expect from StudentHack?

An entire weekend of great company, good food and plenty of swag! We'll also have hardware and tons of mentors.

I would like to mentor and give back to the community?

Awesome! Please fill in this form and we will get back to you with more details.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes! We strictly adhere to the Major League Hacking Code of Conduct.

Do you have safeguarding document?

Yes, we do! Please contact us for more information.

Who owns my IP/code/idea?

You own all the rights to your intellectual property. We won't claim any right over anything made during this event.

Who are the people behind this event?

We are HackSoc MCR, run by students from The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University We are extremely passionate about hackathons and tech events and we have run StudentHack and GreatUniHack successfully for 4 years in Manchester.

What's the difference between StudentHack and GreatUniHack?

StudentHack and GreatUniHack both stemmed from MMU and Manchester University respectively. We're now working together to deliver an even more epic hackathon.

I now love hackathons. How can I go to more?

There's a lot of hackathons! Check out the MLH Europe Spring 2016 schedule to see other fantastic hackathons.


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We operate as a non-profit and rely on sponsors like you who value supporting and enabling young thinkers and developers in seeking innovation. By working together we can bring the best out of the growing tech community here in the UK.

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