Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


10-12 March 2017
Manchester, England

The epic student hackathon in Manchester
& we’re making it more accessible than ever.

148 Hackers Pre-registerd
343409 Lines of Code
1337 Cups of coffee
420 Sleepless Hours


1st Prize

Best Hack.

2nd Prize

Best Hack.

3rd Prize

Best Hack.

The Matrix StudentHack Challenge

The coolest and craziest Bot, Integration or Bridge you can think of on top of Matrix.

Accenture Big Data challenge

Best Use of Complex Public Data Set. Build the best open big data hack - in terms of tech architecture and innovation. i You can use any public “big data” dataset. Private datasets are not allowed. Any “open data” source is a very good star, and it can come from any kind of organisation: government, non-profit, private, or individual

Web Applications UK challenge

Build a game with a travel theme.

Barclays challenge

Find innovative ways of improving image based Internet searches. Or find innovative ways in which Barclays can use the insight data we have about how our customers interact with and consume financial services to make the products our customers purchase more relevant to them.. Find innovative ways of improving image based Internet searches. You will need to focus on:

Best use of Twilio API

Best Use of Twilio API

Best use of the Ultrahaptics Transducer Array

Best use of the Ultrahaptics Transducer Array. Examples: Best musical instrument (midi interface, piano, theremin) Best gesture game or application (e.g., Roshambo - paper, rock, scissors) Best non-PC control (e.g., smartphone OTG or adruino) Best mid-air haptic application for a virtual button / slider / dial.


Best use of Google Project tango


Best Education hack using Hololens


Use your tech skills for good and hack online harassment. Build a software solution that can help reduce the frequency and/or severity of online harassment. Win a HackHarassment power bank.

Amazon Web Services

Best Use of AWS

Best Domain Name from